What Would You Lock Up?

The idea for the NoSho Hidden Lock Box was a simple one: a place to store valuables that was easy to access and could be hidden in plain sight. What’s been surprising though, was learning about all the uses for the product that we had never thought about before!

Sure, we’ve had customers use the NoSho to lock up cash, passports, and jewelry. But we’ve also heard about it being used to store sports cards, secure treasured love letters, and even squirrel chocolate stashes away. Of course the greatest use of the product has been to lock away medications to keep them out of the hands of young children, and even teens.

In this video, NoSho brand ambassador Jenny Lee Paiva shows us a few ways that she uses her NoSho Hidden Lock box around the house and at work!

Comment below and tell us how you would use the Hidden Lock Box for the chance to win a FREE NoSho!

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